World Ocean Summit to debate developments in plastics, aquaculture

With a target to remove up to 5,00,000 ocean-bound plastic bags in Goa and to take global action beyond ambition to restore ocean health, the ninth annual World Ocean Summit to debate developments in plastics, aquaculture, shipping, fishing, energy and tourism will run from March 1 to 4.

High-level plenary sessions will address cross-industry topics including ocean finance, ocean governance, and ocean restoration solutions.

Speakers will discuss the finance gap, assess new technologies and highlight successful initiatives that are beginning to make an impact on ocean health.

The prominent speakers include John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, US; Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, UN and chair, UN Sustainable Development Group; H.S.H. Albert II, sovereign prince of Monaco; and John Briceño, Prime minister, Belize.

The event will bring together the broadest cross-section of the ocean community, from businesses to scientists, government, investors, and civil society. It will feature six industry tracks: shipping, fishing, aquaculture, energy, tourism, and plastics.

The theme of the four-day event, organised by Economist Impact, is “How to achieve 2030 targets”.

Programming will consist of online conversations, interactive sessions, roundtables and a virtual exhibition.

Over 150 leading figures from across the ocean community will explore this year’s theme by looking at developments in shipping, fishing, aquaculture, energy, tourism, and plastics. Last year, the event attracted over 8,000 registrants from 175 countries.

Speaking ahead of the summit, Ian Hemming, Managing Director, Economist Impact Events, said: “We are looking forward to reconnecting the international oceans community, and hosting four days of remarkable and memorable discussions, and showcasing the latest innovations in the sector.”

More than 100 speakers will provide checks on how their industries are progressing towards 2030 targets, and what needs to happen next. Sessions will address cross-industry topics, including ocean finance, governance, and restoration solutions.

On behalf of each attendee this year, the organisers will be supporting the removal of up to 500,000 ocean-bound plastic bags in Goa with their sustainability partner, rePurpose Global.


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