What’s the benefit of using fitness apps?

Fitness apps are all the rage nowadays, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Never before have so many people been motivated to get back on their feet, get moving and work hard towards shedding those few (or more) extra pounds.

Fitness has always been an important mantra for the young. However, ever since the pandemic struck and everyone was forced into a life of lockdown and lethargy, even the lazy ones who would rather sleep than eat right or workout have taken up a fitness routine or started a healthy diet regimen.

Given that staying fit is now more vital than ever, here are a few reasons why you should embrace the easy technology and tracking that Fitness apps provide.

Track your steps

The first step in getting healthy is to walk the 10k steps. Ideally more, if you want to make changes fast but at the bare minimum, even if you hate working out or eating right, you should clock in at least 10,000 steps a day. Medically walking improved blood circulation in the body which in turn will keep your blood pressure regulated. All fitness apps will help you track your steps and likely give you the calories burnt based on the pace at which you completed your steps

Watch what you eat

Depending on the type of app it will either provide a general calorie counter or if you have paid a subscription, customize the process of helping you monitor what you eat and track the calories. The bottom line to losing weight or getting fit is a calorie deficit diet. Eat fewer calories than you burn so your body needs to use up the stored up fat in the body.

Provide tips and mentorship

Most apps come with  a subscription which will not only provide you with healthy tips and tricks but also assign a personal health coach (AI or human) who will guide you every step of the way so you can stay on track and achieve your fitness goals. Accountability is key when trying to get fit and these mentors or coaches will help you there.

All–in–one tracker

When you haven’t taken up fitness as lifestyle and only dabble in it now and then, you will find yourself sporadically checking steps on Google Fit or downloading an app to help keep track of your water intake or calculate your calories. Whereas with fitness apps you can have it all in one space – track calories, your water intake, your workout, diet, steps – all of it in one app.

There are a few cons of fitness apps too – number one being that they might drain out your mobile batteries faster, the other issue being if it is a generic app, what works for one may not work for you and for some, subscription might be a little out of their budget.

But overall fitness apps offer more advantages than disadvantages and there are so many options available that everyone should be able to find an app that suits them the best.

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