This wearable air purifier by IIT-D startup is at par with N95 mask

Nanoclean, an Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Delhi-based startup, has developed the “smallest wearable air purifier”, which is as effective as an N95 grade face mask.

Naso95 is an N95 grade nasal filter. It sticks to the user’s nasal orifice and prevents bacteria, viral infection, and pollen and air pollution.

“A person using Naso95 is more protected than a generic facemask or a loosely fitted face mask,” said the company in a statement.

Unlike a facemask, Naso95 doesn’t compromise on a person’s comfort levels and can be worn even by a 5-year-old, as it comes in different sizes.

The product has been tested and certified by national and international labs for its safety and efficiency, the company said.

“Air pollution is a much bigger problem than viruses. Lung cancer remains the leading form of cancer and a product like Naso95 can effectively address the problem of respiratory illnesses in metro cities,” said Dr M.C. Mishra, former Director AIIMS, Delhi, at the launch.

“During the pandemic, the product can specially come in handy at places where one has to pull down a mask for the purpose of identification for e.g. airports, security checks etc,” he added.

Earlier this year, researchers at the University of Yale developed a wearable passive air sampler, known as the Fresh Air Clip, that continually adsorbs virus-laden aerosols on a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) surface.

Described in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology Letters, the clip is small, lightweight, inexpensive and wearable device that doesn’t require a power source.


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