The best of ‘Instagrammable’ cafes

New Delhi, Feb 19 (IANSlife) Ever wondered why there’s a buzz about Instagrammable cafes? They’re a Gen Z and millennial favourite, as they make for a great photo opp and serve excellent food.

One such cage is the Pink Wasabi, a chic new addition at Elante Mall in Chandigarh. The Instagram-worthy spots around the cafe transport you to the breathtakingly beautiful, Japan in full bloom season. Prasuk Jain, Owner, Pink Wasabi speaks to IANSlife about the cafe:

What was the idea behind Pink Wasabi?

Prasuk: Our chic and vibrant new venue, Pink Wasabi at Elante Mall, Chandigarh is hugely influenced by floral wonderland and Japanese charm. It beautifully captures the youthful spirit of the young generation looking for eye-pleasing cafes along with delectable food. From rose-adorn interiors, wisteria-covered exteriors, candy-floss pink furnishings, and stunning cherry blossom grooves transport guests to the breathtakingly beautiful- Japanese bloom season. Hence, it makes this picture-perfect restaurant definitely worth one worth the ‘gram.

How did you decide on vibrant food colours?

Prasuk: As florals have long played their part on the runway, every year comes an explosion of flower power. Much like the world of fashion, food to has seen its fair share in floral delicacies. From brightly coloured blooms in salads to desserts and times individually served bowls resembles works of art. Our vibrant menu boasts of colourful dishes that are rich in different varieties of ingredients.

What about the flavourings and taste?

Prasuk: Pink Wasabi’s menu is a perfect amalgamation of authentic flavours, distinct presentation, unique twist, innovative techniques coupled with high-quality ingredients. For instance, our popular dishes such as Pink Wasabi Noodles has been made pink with beetroot and is infused with the punch of wasabi, Blue Fried Rice gets its distinctive blue colour from blue pea flower. These unique combinations are a treat not just for the eyes but to taste buds also.

Tell us how Pink Wasabi prepares them Dimsum differently?

Prasuk: Pink Wasabi embodies the true meaning of gourmet delights through its every element. Dimsum menu is among the hot favorite dish at our restaurant. The menu has been thoughtfully curated by the team and me by experimenting with many different and unique ingredient combinations. We are serving varieties of dimsums with interesting filling such as sweet potato, edamame truffle to spicy paneer with blue pea flower that you won’t get anywhere else in Chandigarh.

What are your thoughts on clean eating?

Prasuk: Today, more people are shifting towards vegetarianism and clean eating. We aim to follow a sustainable approach by exploring various innovations. Our chefs are constantly researching, creating new and interesting experiences by understanding different kinds of products. Our menu has an array of vegetarian options to cater to a variety of taste buds. Since we serve pan-Asian cuisine, we are looking to explore more plant-based proteins using technology, nutrition, and high sustainability values.

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