Thank you for the questions, says Unni Mukundan

Actor Unni Mukundan has thanked those who raised questions about various decisions he took at different points in his career, saying that it was because of those questions that he started looking for answers.

Taking to Instagram, the actor wrote, “‘Meppadiyan’ is back and I have been receiving so many messages as Direct Messages. Thank you so much for believing in it. Many questioned me when I took the decision to back a newcomer, Vishnu Mohan, without any experience in the field of film making.”

“Something similar I faced while I shook hands with Muhsin Parari for ‘Kl10pathu’. ‘Kl10pathu’ remains one of my personal favourites. I was again questioned for producing ‘Meppadiyan’ during Covid times. I was questioned for releasing the movie in the theatres while others chose OTT. I was always questioned about being able to pull off grounded human characters in movies. All I have to say is that, thank you for the questions. It’s because of those questions, I started to look for the answers. And the mindblowing success of ‘Meppadiyan’ is the ultimate answer to all those doubts and questions.”

“Thanking everyone who believed in the vision and the dream. ‘Meppadiyan’ became the first Malayalam film to be screened at the Dubai Expo 2020. We are competing in the Bengaluru International Film Festival. UMF is extremely proud of its Film. Please, enjoy ‘Meppadiyan’! It’s the best recognition that my team will ever have. In theatres now fifth Week & Streaming now on @primevideoin!! Dream it — Aim it — Get it.”


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