State’s GDP to touch Rs 15 lakh Cr: Gehlot

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that Rajasthan is performing well on all parameters of the economy and 85 per cent of the last Budget announcements have been implemented and 70 per cent of the promises made in the Manifesto fulfilled.

In a reply given during the discussion on the Budget on Thursday, he said that out of 500 announcements made in the current budget, approval for 60 important ones has also been issued.

Gehlot assured the people of the state that all the announcements of the Budget 2022-23 will definitely come to the ground. “This Budget has been prepared after discussing with all the sections and keeping in mind more than 45,000 suggestions. It is like nectar which came from the churning of the ocean and this Budget is being discussed in the whole country,” he added.

Speaking on allegations of opposition about the state’s high debts, Gehlot said that the states get loans under Article 293 of the Constitution within the limits of the FRBM Act. According to the recommendation of the 15th Finance Commission, 41 per cent of the central taxes were to be given to the state, but only 30 to 33 per cent have been received. In the 2022-23 Budget, about Rs 19,000 crore will be less from the central taxes and last time also Rs 15,000 crore less was given, he said.

Gehlot expressed his unhappiness as the ambitious Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP), which provides drinking water, has not been accorded national project status.

“Keeping in view the interest of the public, the state government has announced to start its work at its own expense by allocating a budget of Rs 9,600 crore for this project,” he said.

Rajasthan CM said that in 2021-22, the GDP of Rajasthan was Rs 11,96,135 crore, while in 2022-23 it has been estimated to be Rs 13,34,310 crore. The GDP of the state will be taken up to Rs 15 lakh crore in future, he added.

“As soon as the government was formed in the state, farmers’ loans worth Rs 14,000 crore were waived in just three days. Now there is a demand for loan waiver from the nationalised banks. Proposals have been sent to the nationalised banks regarding one time settlement. In this, the share of farmers will be borne by the state government,” he added.

Gehlot further said that only those who remember history can make history. “We have announced in the budget to re-implement the old pension scheme. This will secure the future of the employees of the state and their worries will be removed. We have abolished the discrimination of pension between old and new employees. He said that for the first time three lakh government jobs are being given in the state out of which appointments on one lakh posts have been appointed. One lakh is under process and one lakh more posts will be recruited. Gehlot said that despite Corona, efforts are being made to increase the revenue,” he added.


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