Russia appreciates China’s balanced approach to Ukraine issue

Russia has noted that China has a balanced approach to the Ukrainian problem in its foreign policy and does not hesitate to tell the truth about the true role of the United States in the crisis, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Moscow highly appreciates Beijing’s readiness for an objective, unbiased perception of this problem, she stressed, RT reported.

“China is definitely not a country that anyone can tell which side to take… It is one of the largest world powers that pursues an independent and balanced foreign policy,” Zakharova said.

According to the diplomat, China “better than anyone knows” how the United States “can aggravate the situation in regions adjacent to other countries”.

Calls by high-ranking US officials to “take a side” in conflicts fuelled and actively sponsored by Washington itself are a classic technique of Anglo-Saxon diplomacy, which has been guided by the principle of “divide and rule” for centuries, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, RT reported.

She emphasised that “get on the right side” is a new reading of this principle.

“Obviously, China is not falling for these tricks. In relations with our Chinese friends, we primarily proceed from mutual respect, mutual trust and taking into account the key interests of partners,” the diplomat said.


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