Rohit Bal forays into home linens

New Delhi, Feb 21 (IANSlife) Because the brain produces much more melatonin when we are young, we sleep well and don’t care or bother to question it. However, as we get older, sleeping becomes more difficult because we have worries in the back of our minds.

Fashion designer Rohit Bal and Mattress brand Duroflex launches a new and exclusive bed linen collection called ‘Masterpiece,’ a limited edition collection of 12 premium bed linen designs that are nothing short of regal.

Bal said, “I’m delighted to partner with Duroflex to create the Masterpiece collection. With inspiration taken from the valleys of Kashmir, where I was born, every design is very personal, special and comes straight from the heart. The collection is a blend of tradition with modernity; it is chic, stylish and adventurous while also showcasing the richness of India.”

The collection is inspired by the unforgettable gems of the Renaissance as well as the valleys of Kashmir, with its poppies, tulips, and peonies; it combines the best of two worlds. With Bal’s exquisite sense of design, coupled with Duroflex’s expertise in understanding consumer needs, the collaboration moves ahead with a dual purpose. The collection is anti-bacterial and powered by superior N9 pure Silver technology, providing you with much-needed protection for a fresh, safe, and hygienic sleep environment for seasons to come.

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