Pushkar Priyadarshi on his role in ‘Inspector Avinash’: My character will bring tears to audiences’ eyes

Actor Pushkar Priyadarshi is happy to have got the opportunity to be a part of OTT project ‘Inspector Avinash’. The actor plays the role of Dipesh Jain in it.

“I must have probably been trying to get through some roles with actor and casting director Shahid Hasan for over six years now. I have been auditioning with him quite a number of times. Finally, this worked out, so I can’t express how it feels. I am playing the character of Dipesh Jain, who is a newly married guy, and owns the business of gold. My character is very honest and his attitude, nature will bring tears in the audiences’ eyes,” he says.

Pushkar has a wonderful time working with Randeep Hooda. “Working with him was really outstanding, I learned a lot from him while shooting the project. The director, Mr Neeraj Pathak, is phenomenal. Before every scene he would brief me about my expressions,” adds the actor, who has been a part of projects such as ‘Yeshu’ , web series ‘Khan No 1’, ‘Patiyala Babes’, and episodic shows like ‘Gumrah’, ‘Savdhaan India’, ‘Crime Patrol’ etc.

But his initial days were not this easy. “Struggles are real! And this statement has been the most real thing in my life. From sleepless nights to reaching first in casting offices to waiting for unlimited hours for my turn to convincing the teams with my art, I have done it all. I come from a non-filmy background.”

“I am an absolute outsider in this industry, so everyone I know now are the ones I have been following up from day one. When it comes to work, persistence with consistency is the key I would say. Work will take a little time but will come to you if your craft is good, and your hard work should be on point,” he says.

About the kind of work he wants to do on TV, Pushkar shares the genre he is interested in.

“I feel I can be the king of comedy. Sometimes I wonder, why do my friends laugh unnecessarily on my most serious statements? So, I think I can pull comedy better,” adds the actor, who loves riding his bikes, doing his own stunts. He would have been an engineer if acting had not worked out for him.


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