Protesting BJP workers shut own office in Kerala’s Kasargod district

In a case of open rebellion, a group of BJP workers closed the Kasargod district committee office of the party following a dispute with the leadership over an alliance of convenience with the CPI-M in ‘Kumbala’ panchayat.

The party cadres and workers came in a procession towards the office and closed it with chains and lock.

Party’s local leaders and cadres demanded that the state president of the party, K. Surendran, reach the venue and settle the issue. It may be noted that the saffron party is very strong in Kasargod and in Manjeswara and Kasargod Assembly segments, the BJP candidates always reached the second spot in poll results.

K. Surendran has been contesting from the Manjeswar seat, and in the 2016 Assembly elections, he lost by 89 votes to P.B. Abdul Razak of the Indian Union Muslim League. However, he could not repeat that feat in the 2021 Assembly elections where he lost to A.K.M. Ashraf of the Muslim League by 745 votes.

The controversy that has erupted in Kasargod has jolted the state BJP leadership as this has taken place in the party’s stronghold of Kasargod where the party has always been a force to reckon with.

BJP local leader M. Praveen while speaking to IANS said, “We are fighting a war with the CPI-M in Kerala and the alliance with that party in Kumbala was totally uncalled for. We will not budge till the state president intervenes and settles the matter.”

However, BJP state president K. Surendran returned from Kannur and has not reached Kasargod as was expected.

BJP state president K. Surendran while speaking to IANS said, “I have to study the issue and have to speak to the local leadership on the matter. I cannot comment unless I get proper information on the same.”


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