Police Man: Raj Arjun on playing a cop in ‘Love Hostel’

Actor Raj Arjun, is all set to give his best for his next project, Shanker Raman’s ‘Love Hostel’. The actor will be donning a cop’s uniform in the movie.

After garnering applause for his last stint as R.M. Veerappan in Kangana Ranaut’s starrer ‘Thalaivii’, he described his character in ‘Love Hostel’ as completely distinct.

He said: “R.M. Veerappan is very close to my heart but that’s past and now the audience will see me in a unique role in my next. A character which is poles apart from R.M. Veerappan in every aspect. They will not find Raj Arjun an actor but a cop Sushil Rathi.”

Sharing about what prompted him to take up the script he added: “When a script comes from a remarkable production house like amalgamation of Drishyam Films and Red Chillies together, I was sure that this film will mark a milestone and will be a combination of art and commercial cinema together.”

“On top of that, Shanker Raman, who is a brilliant director who has made a film called ‘Gurgaon’. So, considering all these aspects and also after hearing the narration I loved the script and my part, thus I came on board happily.”

Talking about playing a cop, he shared: “The newness I assure and promise to bring in this role is that you will not see Raj Arjun an actor, you will see him as a cop Sushil Rathi. I’m far away from this thinking of distinguishing a character in a positive or negative shade which I’m playing.”

“I’m just choosing scripts which allow me to get into the skin of the character and just soar high rather than getting into positive or negative brackets. Rest you will see in the film and tell me what new you have found in me,” he explained.

When quizzed on playing versatile and challenging genres from ‘Secret Superstar’ to ‘Thalaivii’ and now ‘Love Hostel’, he revealed: “Sometimes I choose challenging and exciting roles and sometimes they choose me. Because I have created extraordinary things through my work. Sometimes it gets manifested and such complicated roles like Farooq from ‘Secret Superstar’, R.M. Veerappan from ‘Thailavii’ turn me on. I personally enjoy playing such roles because I myself get bored of acting the same kind of characters of the same genre. Also I look out for something unprecedented to play for self satisfaction.”

“I get an opportunity to play versatile characters so this works both ways. Sometimes, I’m bound to say no as well because the role doesn’t excite me. I’m trying to make my arc and horizon bigger and better with each role passing by so I can essay more out of the box characters in future. My motto is to not get bored by my work and satisfy my audience as well,” the actor shared on what kind of roles excites him.

Lastly he added: “Well, there is no magic to choose the scripts, it’s just an awareness which says the subject is appealing and will touch the audience and would be able to relate to it. To me when I hear the script and if it gives me goosebumps and kindles me, I just try to be a part of that film. I always look for something extraordinary in my role and the script always.”

Directed by Shanker Raman and produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and Drishyam Films, ‘Love Hostel’ features Bobby Deol, Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra as well. It will be released on February 25 on ZEE 5.


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