Pakistan to plant over 540mn trees from Feb to April

Pakistan’s Minister for Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said that the country has set a target of planting over 540 million trees during the current spring season of the year for dealing with environmental problems.

Nationwide spring tree plantation campaign from February to April will be launched on Tuesday under the country’s landmark Ten Billion Tree Tsunami program, Xinhua news agency quoted Aslam as saying in a statement.

“Three-month (February-April) season provides an unprecedented opportunity to plant as many trees as possible all over the country for dealing with various environmental problems,” he said.

The Minister said that an overarching strategy for actions has been formulated, adding that people from all walks of life in the Asian country are expected to participate in the drive.

Noting Pakistan is a highly climate-vulnerable country, Aslam stressed the importance of the forest in its efforts to cope with climate risks, particularly floods, torrential rains, desertification, sea level rise and heat waves, which have become increasingly frequent due to global warming.


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