New radiosurgical technology cuts cancer treatment time at Credit Valley Hospital

New cancer treatment technology at the Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga will significantly improve health outcomes while reducing wait times.

According to a statement from Trillium Health Partners (THP), the Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre is the first hospital in Eastern Canada to use HyperArc which can treat multiple brain metastases, tumours in a single treatment. 

The innovative hardware and software platform is said to deliver highly precise radiosurgical treatment while reducing planning and treatment time. As an example, for a patient with seven brain metastases, HyperArc reduced the total planning and treatment time from an estimated 31.5 hours to 9.5 hours. Prior to implementation of HyperArc, radiosurgery at THP required treatment of one brain metastasis at a time. 

“This new technology will help us deliver even better care to our patients and result in more positive experiences throughout their cancer journey, while also benefitting our growing community by increasing access to treatment,” said Dr. Joan Murphy, Vice President, Patient Care Services, Oncology, Trillium Health Partners & Regional Vice President, Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario). 

By significantly reducing the treatment time of each patient, HyperArc technology will increase capacity on the linear accelerator (LINAC) devices used for radiosurgical treatment and reduce the impact on hospital resources. THP’s radiation program operates longer and treats more patients per LINAC than any other radiation program in the province.

“We are proud to be the first cancer centre in Eastern Canada to use this innovative technology, and the first in Canada to treat patients with more than five brain metastases,” said Dr. Anthony Brade, Division Head – Radiation Oncology, Trillium Health Partners & Regional Radiation Oncology Lead, Regional Cancer Program. “This will not only improve our patients’ experience and outcomes but it will help us ensure we have the much-needed capacity to deliver high quality, safe and efficient cancer care to our growing community.”

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