Muskaan Khan on new track ‘Kasam’: It’s one of those very few romantic songs that won’t grow old

For Muskaan Khan, daughter of well-known music director Sajid Khan, music has always been her first love. Her latest romantic track with Indian Idol fame Salman Ali, ‘Kasam’ has been garnering good response.

She talks about her latest song, her interest in music and journey so far.

About ‘Kasam’, her new track, Muskaan says: “It is a beautiful composition that has been composed by Sajid-Wajid written by Danish Sabri and sung by Salman Ali and me. The music video has been directed by Nitin and Nadeem. It was such a great team to work with. We had a lot of fun making this song. I feel ‘Kasam’ is one of those very few romantic songs that won’t grow old. It is something that you can keep listening to and never get bored. It is a beautiful composition, even the lyrics will touch a chord.”

She talks about what drew her to music, and the journey so far.

“I have always been interested in music since the time I was very young. My grandfather, Ustaad Sharafat Ali Khan used to play the tabla, dad and uncle also played music instruments and I used to see them perform. As far as I remember, I never wanted to do anything else but take up music,” she says.

Her father and uncle, Sajid and Wajid, started their journey as composers in showbiz, while Muskaan chose singing.

“I have always enjoyed the process of making music. As a kid, I used to accompany my dad and uncle to many studios and shows . In fact I even went with my grandfather for his recordings and watched how songs were made, and it felt so fascinating.”

“It always felt like this is what I wanted to do. My dad and uncle thought that I had the voice to be a playback artist. He was the one who encouraged me to take up singing. That’s how it started. As a singer, I try doing different types of songs. I love listening to different kinds of music and my dad has always been encouraging me to explore more,” she adds.


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