Majority of S.Koreans support eased business curfew: Poll

Six out of 10 South Koreans are positive about the relaxation of Covid-19 curbs on businesses, a poll revealed on Monday.

In the survey by the Korea Society Opinion Institute, 62.1 per cent said the government should enhance the protection of severely ill patients and those with underlying conditions while easing the curfew on restaurants, cafes and other businesses, reports Yonhap News Agency.

But 32.6 per cent said restrictions on business hours should be maintained firmly until infections are back on the decline.

The survey also found a majority of people want the National Assembly to pass the current extra budget bill aimed at helping smaller businesses hit by Covid curbs.

Of the respondents, 51.5 per cent backed the ruling Democratic Party’s position that the bill should be passed and additional relief measures should be prepared after the March 9 presidential election.

But 20.1 per cent said the supplementary budget should be re-drafted to increase the amount of support before being passed by the National Assembly.


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