‘Lost’ by Dino James portrays bittersweet feeling of falling apart in love

Indian rapper Dino James released his new single titled ‘Lost’ on Thursday. The track portrays the bittersweet feeling of a breakup and takes the listeners to a different plane shedding light on the reminiscences of being in and out of love.

Talking about the newly launched track, Dino James said, “‘Lost’ is a creation which is very personal and reflects upon one of the most intimate junctures of my life. I’ve kept the vibe of the track pretty fluid with the core focus being celebration of nostalgic bittersweet memories and overriding the ‘what, how, who and when’ dynamic that generally follow after a romantic disengagement.”

The song has been launched in collaboration with Def Jam India, the Indian arm of the world renowned record label. The music video of the song also features Odisha’s supermodel Naisha Bhargabi alongside Dino James and presents a changing emotional landscape driven by tropical rhythms and chilled beats.

Expressing his gratitude, Dino further said, “I’m grateful to Naisha for bringing her A-game to the music video and the whole crew who took time out to put together this stellar production. I’m super kicked to be doing this with Def Jam India and I hope my fans enjoy this track.”


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