Kuwait stages airshow to mark national, liberation days

Celebrations were held to mark Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days, which are observed annually on February 25 and 26.

Residents in Kuwait City watched as fighter jets flew over the Kuwait Towers. To commemorate the day on Friday, Kuwait’s Ministry of Defense held a show of military vehicles and equipment.

In many parts of the country, citizens took part in various celebrations. Following a steady decline in the number of new Covid-19 cases, the country loosened restrictions on February 14, allowing more activities to take place and the unvaccinated people to travel if they adhere to health regulations.

The celebrations this year amid the easing of Covid-19 restrictions have been warmly received by many residents, Xinhua news agency reported.

Originally, June 19 was designated as Kuwait’s National Day, but due to the intense heat waves in June, the country chose to move it to February 25.

Kuwait’s Liberation Day is celebrated every year on February 26. The holiday commemorates the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 after a seven-month Iraqi occupation.


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