KSHMR’s ‘Lion Heart’ with DIVINE, LIT killah serves essence of varied music styles

Music producer KSHMR has teamed up with Indian rapper DIVINE and Argentinian hip-hop phenom LIT killah for the latest new single titled ‘Lion Heart’ featuring Jeremy Oceans and KARRA. The track with a global sound explores pop, hip-hop, trap, Indian rap and Latin music.

The track, which has been in the making for two years in the making, incorporates his recurring lion motif (referring to his 2016 debut album ‘The Lion Across The Field’) and fulfills his long-time wish to work with the aforementioned artists.

Talking about the newly released track, KSHMR said, “‘Lion Heart’ is such a special collaboration for me. You’ve got India, Argentina, Holland and the US all on the same track and each artist brings something magical to the table.”

He then revealed his inspiration for the track, he added, “For the production I drew inspiration from old school hip hop – my first passion – and the hip hop scene currently emerging in India, which I’ve been excited about for a long time now.”

The song starts off with a mid-tempo beat, before intensifying with rhythmic piano chords and Jeremy Oceans’ catchy vocals. It then breaks out in a pop chorus, followed by the multi-lingual rap section by LIT killah and DIVINE.

Sharing his excitement on the track’s release, DIVINE said, “Niles (KSHMR) and I had been working on ‘Lion Heart’ for almost two years and I’m glad to see it finally come out. Lit killah, Jeremy, and Karra absolutely killed it; I’m excited to be able to share it with all our fans now!”

LIT killah added, “For me it is an honor to participate in this collaboration with Niles (KSHMR) and DIVINE. It is a song that we have been working on for a long time and I enjoyed the whole process. Personally, it is an opportunity to show the world that the Argentine scene is growing very strong.”


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