Kavita Banerjee joins the cast of ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’

TV actress Kavita Banerjee is all set to enter the show ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’ as Karan Mathur’s (Abhishek Singh) sister Kavita Mathur.

Kavita has returned from London to help her brother with all his plans to ruin Arjun’s(Krushal Ahuja) badminton career.

Talking about her journey, Kavita mentioned: “I tried doing a lot of other things in life, but I think acting has always been my calling. Since I was a child, I used to accompany my dad and my grandparents to act in their theatre shows. And since then, I have decided all I want to do in life is ‘act’.”

Hailing from Kolkata, the actress in 2014 moved to Mumbai. She has learnt theatre also.

“I moved to Mumbai in the year 2014, tried doing multiple jobs but then I realized I am not meant for this, and in 2020 gave up all of it to jumpstart my acting career in Mumbai when ‘Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’ happened to me,” she added.

The actress shared further: “After the show went off the air I came home for a short vacation and that’s when ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’ came my way. I cleared the look test and was super elated to hear that I’d been finalised for the show. Doing a TV show in my hometown (Kolkata), that too for the channel which gave me my first Hindi TV break in ‘Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’ is a feeling I am failing to pen down.”

‘Rishton Ka Manjha’ airs on Zee TV.


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