James Faulkner leaves PSL over payment dispute, PCB bans him for life

James Faulkner, the Australia all-rounder on Saturday left the Pakistan Super League (PSL) abruptly alleging that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not honour his “contractual agreements/payments”.

The 31-year-old took to Twitter and revealed that the PCB has “continued to lie” to him and that the treatment he received from the board and the PSL was a “disgrace”.

“I apologise to the Pakistan cricket fans, but unfortunately, I have had to withdraw from the last two matches and leave the PSL due to the @TheRealPCB not honouring my contractual agreement/payments. I’ve been here the whole duration and they have continued to lie to me,” said Faulkner in a tweet.

“It hurts to leave as I wanted to help get international cricket back in Pakistan as there is so much young talent and the fans are amazing. But the treatment I have received has been a disgrace from the @TheRealPCB and @thePSLt20. I’m sure you all understand my position,” he added in another tweet.

Faulkner played six games in PSL 2022 and scored 49 runs and picked six wickets while representing the Quetta Gladiators.

Meanwhile, the PCB, in a joint statement with Quetta Gladiators, have dismissed Faulkner’s claims, calling them baseless and expressing dismay at his “reprehensible behaviour”.

The PCB said that it has taken serious note of Faulkner’s misconduct, which was an attempt to bring PCB, Pakistan cricket and the PSL “into disrepute”, and that it was agreed between the PCB and the franchises that he would not be drafted in future PSL events.

“In December 2021, Mr. James Faulkner’s agent confirmed the United Kingdom bank details to which his fee payments should be transferred. This was noted for action. In January 2022, for reasons best known to Mr. Faulkner, his agent sent revised banking details of Mr. Faulkner’s onshore account in Australia. However, the contracted 70 percent of Mr. Faulkner’s fee payment was transferred to his offshore UK bank account. The receipt of this payment was acknowledged by Mr. Faulkner,” said PCB in a statement, mentioning the chain of events that transpired.

“Accordingly, payments due to Mr. Faulkner as per his contract are fully up to date. The remaining 30 percent of his contractual payment only becomes due 40 days after the completion of the HBL Pakistan Super League 2022, which now remains a matter to be reviewed in line with his contract. In spite of the money being transferred and received in his account, Mr. Faulkner continued to insist that a second duplicate payment of the same amount be made to his account in Australia. This meant Mr. Faulkner would have been paid twice. He further threatened and refused to participate in his side’s match against Multan Sultans on Friday afternoon until his money demands were met,” it added.

The PCB added that it tried to engage and reason with Faulkner, assuring that “his grievances would be addressed” despite his behaviour which according to the Pakistan board was “reprehensible and insulting”. But Faulkner did not budge and instead asked for travel arrangements to be made immediately. The PCB said it also contacted Faulkner’s agent, “who was regretful and apologetic”.

The Pakistan cricketer board also claimed that Faulkner, before his departure, had caused deliberate damage to property at the hotel he was staying at and that the board had to pay for the damages. It stated that it also received reports and complaints from immigration authorities that Faulkner’s behaviour at the airport was inappropriate and abusive.


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