It’s a blessing: Arun Vijay on acting alongside his dad and son in ‘Oh My Dog’

Apart from promising a feel-good tale about a pup and kid, 'Oh My Dog' is a movie that has several firsts to its credit.

The film brings together three generations of actors from a family – veteran actor Vijay Kumar, his son Arun Vijay and his grandson Arnav Vijay, who makes his acting debut. They portray their off-screen relationships of grandfather, father, and son, on-screen too.
Quizzed about his feelings on sharing screen space with his father and son in the Amazon Original film, Arun Vijay said "It's a blessing. This is the first time when something like this is happening in the Tamil industry! I have worked with my dad in the past, but this is different. It's extremely special for Arnav as his debut is with his dad and granddad, and that is something that we will never forget."
Giving a peek into the experience shooting together with his son and father, Arun Vijay says "It was wonderful because we rarely get to spend quality time together because my dad and I are busy. Also, by the time I am home, Arnav goes to bed. So, we don't spend so much time together."
'Oh My Dog' also happens to be writer-director Sarov Shanmugam's first directorial venture. Arun Vijay was specially grateful to the director.
"Thanks to Sarov for making this happen. I cherish all those beautiful memories, spent with my father and Arnav while filming in Ooty. I also got to see the unique bond between my father and Arnav. Arnav would never hesitate to ask questions to his grandfather, I never questioned my Dad. Granddads are very lenient with their grandchildren! Arnav had the liberty with my Dad, which I didn't have. They behave very differently."
Prime Video recently launched the trailer of its much-awaited family entertainer Oh My Dog, that releases on April 21.
'Oh My Dog' is a heartwarming tale about Arjun (Arnav), his puppy Simba, and their love and affection for each other. Arjun meets Simba when he saves him and then raises him as his own. The movie further moves ahead as Arjun and Simba course through obstacles and eventually find their way to everyone's hearts around them.
'Oh My Dog' is produced by Jyotika-Suriya, co-produced by Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian and S. R. Ramesh Babu of RB Talkies, music composed by Nivas Prasanna and cinematography by Gopinath.
The family entertainer is set for an exclusive global premiere in Tamil and Telugu on Prime Video.20220413-180008

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