Ilaiyaraaja announces sequel to popular album ‘How To Name It?’

One of the country’s greatest music directors Ilaiyaraaja has announced a sequel to his popular album ‘How to name it’.

The composer chose to release a video making the announcement.

He said, “In films, there are sequels, right? There is a Part I, Part II, Part III. ‘Superman I’, ‘Superman 2’, ‘Superman 3’ or a ‘Batman 1,2,3,4.’ I had a thought as to why such a thing should not happen in music. Therefore, ‘How to Name it 2?’ is going to come soon.”

The news has delighted fans as the first album was nothing short of a masterpiece.

The instrumental album, which comprised 10 Indo-western fusion tracks, was widely appreciated for its quality.

The 10 tracks of the first album were ‘How To Name It?’, ‘Mad Mod Mood Fugue’, ‘You Cannot Be Free’, ‘Study For Violin’, ‘It Is Fixed’, ‘Chamber Welcomes Thiyagaraja’, ‘I Met Bach In My House’, ‘And We Had A Talk’, ‘Don’t Compare’ and ‘Do Anything’.

Of these, the first track, ‘How To Name It?’ is immensely popular and was featured as a part of the background score of the National Award-winning Tamil film ‘Veedu’, which released back in 1988.


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