I will never give up the conviction that Russians, Ukrainians are one people: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he will never give up the belief that Russians and Ukrainians are one people.

“I will never give up my conviction that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. Even despite the fact that some of the inhabitants of Ukraine were intimidated. Many are fooled by Nazi, nationalist propaganda, and someone deliberately, of course, followed the path of Bandera, other Nazi henchmen who fought on the side of Hitler during the Great Patriotic War,” he said, RT reported.

Putin said that the special military operation in Ukraine is proceeding strictly according to the schedule, all the assigned tasks are being successfully solved. The President said this as part of his opening speech before the meeting of the Security Council.

He noted that the course of hostilities in Ukraine shows that the Russian Federation is fighting precisely with neo-Nazis who place equipment in residential areas and take people hostage.

The Russian armed forces have provided corridors in all the fighting zones in Ukraine, but the nationalists do not allow civilians to travel to a safe place, Putin said.

According to him, hundreds of foreigners are trying to leave the war zone, but they are not allowed to do so.

“Our servicemen have provided corridors in all clash zones without exception,” Putin said, RT reported.

The Russian military also provided transport for the evacuation of civilians and foreigners to a safe place.

“I emphasize again that the nationalists do not allow this to be done,” Putin said.


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