France to deploy 500 soldiers in Romania amid Ukraine crisis

France will deploy 500 soldiers in Romania within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) framework, French daily Le Figaro reported Saturday, citing General Thierry Burkhard, chief of staff of the French Armed Forces.

“NATO has decided to reinforce its presence, to send a very clear sign of strategic solidarity, to position forces in Romania,” Xinhua news agency reported citing General Burkhard.

“We will deploy around 500 men, with armoured vehicles, combat vehicles, to provide support to Romania,” said Burkhard late on Friday night.

He added that the French military presence will also continue in Estonia, maintaining “around 200 to 250 soldiers with armoured vehicles” who fight in the mountains and cold weather conditions.

Moreover, he said France will also proceed to deploy Mirage 2000s in Estonia, which is a single engine fourth-generation jet fighter manufactured by Dassault Aviation.

In a letter written to the French National Assembly on Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that France will make additional commitments within the framework of NATO “to protect the soil of Baltic and Romanian allies.”


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