Fortnite game maker Epic hiring temporary workers full time

Fortnite game developer Epic Games is hiring US-based temporary workers full-time with employee benefits.

The Verge reported that Epic is extending the offer to quality assurance (QA) testers, as well as other “eligible” contract-based employees.

In an internal memo, the game developer said it will “offer full-time at-will employment to eligible US-based contingent workers,” and that “many of those offers will be effective April 4th, 2022.”

The company currently contracts out QA testers and other workers through temp agencies.

The company will hire contingent workers for “short-term needs,” however.

Epic Games recently announced that there are now more than 500 million game accounts.

The company has put a huge amount of resources behind growing its PC games store — and therefore, getting more people to sign up for accounts — since it launched in December 2018.

Epic has committed to giving away free games again in 2022, so it seems that the company continues to think the cost is worth it to bring in users.

Epic is also seeing a lot of use of its Unreal Engine developer tools and the company announced that 48 per cent of “announced next-gen games” are being built on the platform, according to reports.


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