Ecuador announces first humanitarian flight to repatriate citizens from Ukraine

Ecuador will carry out on Monday its first humanitarian flight from Poland for citizens who have fled Ukraine amid escalating tensions with Russia, Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguin said.

The diplomat on Saturday said the flight will be operated by either Spanish or Polish airlines with a capacity for 350 people, a quota that is expected to be filled.

He said that more than 150 Ecuadorans have crossed the Ukrainian border, Xinhua news agency reported.

According to Holguin, hundreds of Ecuadorans reside in Ukraine, most of whom are students. There are also a number of undocumented Ecuadorans living in the country, and the ministry has issued many of them emergency passports.

“We estimate that with two flights, we will be able to bring all the Ecuadorans. The Air Force has helped us coordinate the operation,” Holguin said.


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