Centre to publish ‘Annual Health of Civil Services Report’

The Capacity Building Commission of India will be publishing an ‘Annual Health of Civil Services Report’ (AHCSR) later this year that will take a deeper look at the performance of the Indian Civil Service and how Mission Karmayogi is impacting capacity building in the sector.

“The concept of ‘Good governance’ is not alien to India and is well captured even in the country’s ancient literature. It has been seen as a comprehensive pathway to achieving the ideal state of serving people and overcoming the crisis and challenges in administration,” Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Dr Jitendra Singh said while explaining that an ideal public administration must be competitive, efficient, cost effective and accountable to deliver good governance.

Addressing an event on ‘Revisiting the History of Civil Service Reforms from Capacity Building Lens,’ the Minister said: “In our ancient literature, the foundation of good governance is based on Dharma (righteousness). One who practices ‘Dharma’ immediately distinguishes oneself from the present materialistic repository of values.

“For a civil servant following the path of Dharma and supporting it with good Karma will lead to administrative excellence. The earliest works on public administration in India have been illustrated in various sacred texts such as Vedas, Buddhist literatures, and Jain canonical works.”

Public officials today are facing increasing pressure to deliver better services with fewer resources which requires, among other things, an investment in capacity building, he said and maintained: “Civil servants for a New India need to keep pace with these constant and evolving changes.”

The Minister expressed hope that Mission Karmayogi will be a key enabler in continuously augmenting and enhancing delivery, and over the time will be able to support in achieving the goal of $5 trillion economy goal set by the Prime Minister.

The event, a virtual roundtable, was hosted by Capacity Building Commission, and Ashank Desai, Centre for Leadership and Organizational Development, IIM-Ahmedabad.


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