Bihar Minister claims Muslim population increasing in some pockets

Amrendra Pratap Singh, the Agriculture Minister of Bihar, claimed that population of Hindu community is declining and Muslim population is increasing in the state. He demanded a law to control population in the state.

“Whenever the population of Muslim increased and Hindu population decreased, the country headed towards separation. We have witnessed that the population of Muslims is rapidly increasing in Seemanchal, Mithilanchal and Kosi region of the state. Accordingly, the Hindu population is decreasing in many villages in these regions. A dangerous practice is going on there which is certainly a concern for us,” Singh, a Minister under BJP quota in the Nitish Kumar government said.

“I firmly believe that the implementation of the population control law is the only way to stop this trend. Population control is more important than caste based census. The ruling and opposition political parties are talking about caste based census only. Why are they not analyzing the rapid population growth of a particular community,” Singh said.

Population control law is an issue which has been raised time and again by the BJP in the country. Interestingly, its alliance partners in Bihar like JDU and HAM are against any law on population control. They always advocate for caste based census while not a single legislator or minister of these two parties have given any statement on rising population of a particular community.


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