Battle for UP: BJP MLA gives massage to elderly voter

After doing sit-ups on stage to seek forgiveness from voters for his ‘lapses’, BJP MLA,Bhupesh Chaubey is back in the news.

This new video clip of his giving an oil massage to an elderly man has gone viral on social media.

In this video, which was taken in some remote village, he is purportedly seen giving a massage with oil on the body of an elderly man. The man in the video could be seen showing his aching body parts to the MLA.

Not only this, but a picture is also circulating on social media in which he is purportedly seen doing ‘dandvat’ (bowing down) before a woman.

Last week, Chaubey made news at an election rally at Robertsganj when he stood up, held his ears and did sit-ups, begging forgiveness for any mistakes that he might have made during the last five-years.

He did this in presence of the former health minister of Jharkhand and MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi, who was there for electioneering in his favour.

Chaubey had defeated Avinash Kushwaha of Samajwadi Party (SP) in the 2017 Assembly election by a margin of over 40,000 votes.

The BJP fielded him again in this Brahmin dominated constituency. This time the SP has fielded Kushwaha, while the BSP has fielded a Brahmin candidate Avinash Shukla.


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