Baby Daniel awaiting evacuation from Romania after fleeing from Ukraine

Daniel Singh, a 9-month-old baby is awaiting evacuation from Romania after his parents fled the war-torn Ukraine.

The baby has never been to India, but he along with his parents Pankaj, 29, and Kristina, 26, are eagerly awaiting a flight back to India.

The family has been through an emotional and physical ordeal of leaving behind their home in Kiev, Ukraine.

Just a few days back, fearing for their security, the Singh family found their way out of Ukraine to Romania.

“We were staying in a bomb shelter which was located under our residential building parking lot. The extreme cold and security concerns drove us to leave our home in Kiev,” Pankaj Singh, an IT Professional, employed in Ukraine for the last three years, told IANS from Bucharest, Romania.

“The concern was also about baby Daniel and his future.”

According to Pankaj Singh, Ukraine and its citizens were caught unaware of the upcoming massive Russian aggression.

“Everything seemed normal. No one thought there would be an invasion of any sort. Now people are suffering but they are giving a good fight to the aggressors.”

On the situation in Kiev, he said that the city is facing shortages of essentials and the international community should immediately send in assistance.

“Those who have made their way out to the neighbouring countries have been spared from the harsh realities of war,” he said.

“Even if war hasn’t reached them yet, then power outages and lack of essential supplies will definitely impact them.”

Besides, he spoke on the terrible conditions in Mariupol city which is located in the southern part of Ukraine.

Lately, the city has seen massive fighting between the Ukrainian and Russian armed forces for the control of the strategically important location.

“We have a house in Mariupol. My wife has a family there. The situation right now is terrible. People are without food and electricity for days.”

“In Ukraine, you require electricity for heating purposes because of the extremely cold climate.”

On March 1, 2022, the family crossed over to Romania.

“We spent 5-days on the road. Driving non stop for countless hours. People throughout the way from Kiev till here (Bucharest) have been very welcoming, providing shelter and food,” he said.

“The Indian government has made proper arrangements for the Indian citizens here. Our embassy staff have been very helpful. Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has been overseeing evacuations here.”

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