As Covid cases fall, tourism centres opening up in Kerala

From 50,000 daily Covid-19 cases not long ago in Kerala, the scenario has now changed and on Monday there were just 4,069 new cases registered when 42,700 samples were tested, said a statement from State Health Minister Veena George.

With schools for the first time since March 2020 opening to full strength on Monday, for all practical purposes, it appears the Covid scare for the time being has melted and as a result tourists centres are also opening up one by one.

Across the state the total number of active cases was 58,932, of which 6.2 per cent of the patients were under treatment in various hospitals.

On Monday, 11 Covid deaths were reported, taking the total death toll to 64,273 so far.

On the vaccination front, 100 per cent (2.69 crore) have had one dose, of which 86 per cent (2.29 crore) have taken both the doses.

Likewise in the above aged 15 to 18 years, 76 per cent (11.66 lakh) have been given one dose, while 25 per cent (3.78 lakh) have now received their second dose also.


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