Armaan Malik feels coming together of good things put ‘Jaan Hai Meri’ into existence

Playback singer Armaan Malik’s latest song ‘Jaan Hai Meri’ has been gaining positive response from music lovers and the singer is elated with how the track has turned out.

For him, all good elements like his voice, his brother Amaal Mallik’s composition, the lyrics by Rashmi Virag and scintillating chemistry between Pooja and Prabhas, came together for this baller of a track.

Incidentally, it is Armaan’s first song to be picturised on Prabhas. Commenting on how the track came into existence, Armaan says, “All the epic elements came together for ‘Jaan Hai Meri’.”

The spell-binding lyrics by Rashmi Virag, the heaven-sent composition by Amaal and the absolutely alluring chemistry between Pooja and Prabhas are what make this song so special.

He added that the tone of the film required a certain texture with regards to the song, “The film demanded a grand yet extremely heartfelt song about love and we gave it our all. This song is our ‘jaan’ and I’m happy that we get to share it with the listeners.”

Premised on selfless love, Armaan Malik’s song captures memorable moments between Prabhas and Pooja, who are star-crossed lovers dead set on fighting for love in the multilingual film.


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