Afghan forces launch clearance operations to ensure security

The security agencies of Afghanistan have launched clearance operations in the capital city of Kabul and the surrounding provinces as the latest preventive measures to ensure a high level of security, the government said on Saturday.

The clearance operations were launched on Friday by the ministries of the interior and defence as well as the national intelligence agency, the government said in a statement.

Under the command of Mullah Mohammad Fazil Mazlum, acting deputy defence minister, the operations aimed at arresting and eliminating the thieves, kidnappers and other culprits who had already been listed by the security forces, the statement said.

“During these operations, civilians and private properties would be safe and all cautionary measures had been put in place. Kabul residents and countrymen should not worry about these operations,” the statement said.

The statement called on citizens to help the security forces during the operations.


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